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Emergency Surcharge (EMS) for the Gulf of Aden - Eastbound Trans-Pacific Trade. 25 Nov 2009. Hapag-Lloyd announces revised Emergency Surcharge ( EMS) for the Gulf of Aden for Eastbound Trans-Pacific Trade effective January 1, 2010.

7 Mar 2011 ... Rickmers-Linie is therefore implementing an Gulf of Aden Surcharge for all cargo transiting the Gulf of Aden, which will be payable by the freight payer. The Gulf of Aden Surcharge of USD 3.50 W/M will be effective as from ...

As the risk occurs by pirates in Aden Gulf area and in order to cover the insurance fee, please be advised that effective 1st of March 2009, a new surcharge of usd 22.00 per teu, Aden Gulf risk (AGS), will applied both for import and export.

12 Oct 2009 ... Due to the piracy surge in the Gulf of Aden and the subsequent raise in hull insurance premiums, UASC decided to increase the Emergency Risk Surcharge: Scope: Cargo transiting the Gulf of Aden Quantum: USD 41 per ...

Aden Gulf Surcharge Increase 07-03-2011. As a result of the attacks by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden, off the Somali coast, the Arabia Sea and the wider Indian Ocean, carriers are imposing a wider area of exclusion to avoid piracy.

21 Dec 2009 ... Due to increasing costs associated with piracy risks, Hapag-Lloyd has reviewed the Emergency Surcharge (EMS) for all containers transiting the Gulf of Aden on services between East Asia / Indian Subcontinent and North ...

4 Jan 2012 ... Home Page · Leisure, Culture and Tourism · Caravan Parks; Mintlaw (Aden) ... Please note - there will be a 2% surcharge on all payments by credit card, however there will be no surcharge for debit card transactions.

17 May 2011 ... United Arab Shipping Company announced an increase in its emergency risk surcharges on containers moving through the pirate-infested waters of the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. The surcharge will increase to $49 ...

Peak Season Surcharge USD300/TEU - South East Asia/India Sub Continent and Gulf to Australia July 2011 // Terminal ... Contingency Surcharge for All Laden Container Shipments Loaded or Discharged at Bangkok (PAT) Port May 2011 // ..... MISC Impose Gulf of Aden Surcharge for Cargo to Red Sea January 2010 // ...

17 Dec 2008 ... The transit of Container Ships through the Gulf of Aden in both directions is now subject to additional high costs due to increased insurance premiums and other costs, caused by the prevailing risks of piracy in the area.



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2010年7月15日 ... ●ADEN SURCHARGE[ アデンサーチャージ ] ソマリア沖(アデン湾)通過時の海賊 対策費用。 人気ブログランキングへ. タグ:システム導入コンサルタント システム コンサルタント 物流センターシステム 倉庫管理システム WMS 需要予測 ...

ブルネイ、ベトナム、マレーシア、ミャンマー、ラオスの10カ国が加盟している。 ●ADEN SURCHARGE[ アデンサーチャージ ] ソマリア沖(アデン湾)通過時の海賊対策費用。 人気ブログランキングへ. タグ:システム導入コンサルタント システムコンサルタント 物流 ...

surcharge adenといえば
surcharge  aden  意味  fuel  AMS  とは  aden+anais  とは  チョインソン  TV 

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